The Company

Tradition in Quality


In 1918 Friedrich Schultze Senior became one of the first regional electricians. He held a radio broadcasting licence and in 1941 became one the first Senior Radio Electricians in our area.


In 1952 he established the basis of the company as it is today and in the 1950s the first RiRo heaters left the assembly plant.


After his early death in 1959 Friedrich Schultze Junior developed the market for the RiRo Heater as it is today. Building up contacts in the European neighbourhood he formed the profile of the company. Schultze RiRo Heaters went as far as North and South America to prove their reliability in business and industry.


Since 2002 Schultze has been presenting additional heating systems such as highly efficient shortwave IR heaters and ATEX approved heaters for applications with risk of explosion.

The development of the QuickFit-protection basket for RiRo heaters creates a new combination of high product quality and easy mounting.


The permanent continuation as a family business in the 4th generation is guaranteed by Arno Schnabl-Glowacki joining the company.

Thermal tests of the RiRo heaters extend the possibilities of advisory service for our customers. A wider range of control options optimize the heaters‘ energy efficiency.


Screw-in heaters for direct heating of liquid media open up further areas of application for Schultze Electric Heat.
Also, the opportunities to provide warmth for large factory halls by infrared heaters is supplemented by new products.