QuickFit protection basket

Safety cover for adjustment knob

Safety cover for adjustment knob


Controls for infrared heaters

Movement sensor

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QuickFit Protection Basket
Our protection baskets are valuable accessories: they protect against collisions, give additional protection against dust and are an optical enhancement. Like the heaters themselves, they are manufactured in high-grade steel, so that we offer a logical solution regarding both quality of material and optical general impression.

You fix our baskets without any further tools or drillholes! Just put the basket over the already mounted RiRo and wedge it, ready!

Stainless steel type 1.4301 – Width 150 mm, Height 195 mm
Order No. korb 0500 korb 1000 korb 1500 korb 2000 korb 3000 korb 4000
Length mm 380 580 780 980 1380 1740
u 500 E u 1000 E u 1500 E u 2000 E u 3000 E u 4000 E
a 500 E s 1000 E s 1500 E s 2000 E s 3000 E f 1200 E
f 120 E a 1000 E a 1500 E a 2000 E a 3000 E fa 1200 E
fa 120 E f 600 E f 935 E nt 1000 E
fa 600 E fa 935 E nta 1000 E
nt 500 E nt 800 E
nta 500 E nta 800 E

Safety cover for adjustment knob
In many cases the position of the switch, once adjusted, shall not be altered.Just mount this safety cover to prevent manipulation by unauthorized people.
Made of stainless steel, A2-Torx screws are included.

Order No. Height mm Width mm Depth mm
Abdeck 93 93 17

Electronic clock thermostat easy 1-ECO – Protection class IP67
Electronic clock thermostat with weekly timer and impact-resistant, dust- and watertight enclosure according to protection class IP67. Comfort and setback temperature adjustable bewtween +5°C and +30°C. Including frost protection mode, open window detection and integrated remote sensor up to 4m.


Order No.     1-ECO
H x W x D mm 200 x 162 x 90
Operating voltage 195…253 V AC 50/60 Hz
Switching voltage 24…250 V AC
Switching current 16 A (cooling 4 A)
Temperature setting range +5°C … +30°C
Timer / shortest switching time weekly timer / 1 h
Protection class IP 67

Thermostat for automatic regulation of temperature
For saving energy with electrical heaters we offer thermostats for the range of – 20°C to + 35°C..

Protection degree IP 65 Temperature -20 °C to + 35 °C
H x W x D mm 122 x 120 x 55
Switching capacity 230 V, 50 Hz 16 A
Order No. 1-000

Controls for infrared heaters with loads up to 3000 W.
For energy-saving we recommend our Dimmer providing adjustment from 0% to 100% of heater output with ‘click’ to turn off. Also available: Movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity and time delay.

Dimmer Movement sensor
Dimensions mm 90 x 115 x 58 115 x 86 x 65
Protection degree IP 55 IP 44
Switching capacity 13A / 230V 16A / 230V
Range on / off
30%- 100%
switch-on time 5s- 18 min
Order No. HWP-D HWP-BM

Cable connections
For the connection of our appliances to the available 230-V net we offer in addition our pre-assembled cables.

Cabel type Length mm Order No.
H07RN- F3G 1,5 mm 3000 KA3M3X15

Programmable Thermostat 1-TAP16R
Programmable thermostat for electric heaters. Digital display with integrated clock. Weekly pre-set programs. Adaptive start, “open window detection”, energy saving and frost protection programs.

Adjustment range: +5 to +37°C. Voltage 230 V, max. switching current 16 A, degree of protection IP21. Cover for degree of protection IP44 available, order no. 1-TEP44. The cover requires the external sensor,order no. 1-RTX54.

Expandable with black ball sensor, order no. 1-SKG30: measures the air and radiation temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

Order-No. 1-TAP16R
Height x Width x Depth mm 87 x 87 x 52
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
Max. switching capacity 16 A
Temperature range +5°C … + 37°C
Differential gap 0,3K
Display digital
Degree of protection IP21

Presence-detector 1-PDK65
Complete system simple to install for presence control in smaller rooms. Consists of presence detector, power supply and 3m cable. The presence detector is a passive IR detector connected via a low voltage cable and positioned in the best possible location for detection. The connection box can supply up to 5 detectors. External potential-free contacts can be connected.

Voltage 230 V, max. 2,3 kW, max. starting current 288 A.
Additional presence detector, order no. 1-PDK65S.


Order-No. 1-PDK65
Height x Width x Depth mm 102 x 70 x 50 / 88 x 88 x 39
Voltage 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Max. switching capacity 10 A
Recom. mounting height 2,7m
Detection range 100°
Degree of protection Sensor IP42 / Terminal box IP65

Relaybox 1-RB3 / 1-RB123
Relay box for controlling electric heaters. 230/400 V3 (N) AC, max. switching current 16 A / phase. Type 1-RB123: Relay box with 3-stage power controller.


Order-No. 1-RB3 / 1-RB123
Height x Width x Depth mm 165 x 95 x 64
Voltage 230 V 3~/ 400V2~ / 400V3N~
Max. switching capacity 16 A
Degree of protection IP44

Manual 3-step switch
3-stage power controller, 400 V, 20A. Protection class IP42.

Step switch

Order-No. 1-S123
Height x Width x Depth mm 72 x 64 x 46
Switching stages 0 – 1/3 – 2/3 – full power
Voltage 400 V
Max. switching capacity 20 A
Degree of protection IP42