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Infrared Heaters

Schultze infrared heaters operate highly efficient owing to their halogen lamps. Their short wave radiant energy does not heat the air but is converted into warmth when absorbed by a solid body, similar to the warmth of the sun.

Typical applications
are areas of transport and loading, irregularly used workshops, social or sports facilities, outdoor smoking areas, pub gardens and pavement cafes. Also used to heat machines. This product is distinguished by a good finish to the fullest detail and a well thought-out concept regarding safety. The heaters comply with all regulations for electrical safety in accordance with EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-30. A protection grid ensures that the inner part of the appliance cannot be touched accidentally.
Please order our data sheet for more information.

HA – Infrared Heaters
These heaters supply workplaces with warmth in areas that cannot be economically heated by normal convector heaters, such as large workshops or areas of transport where goods are delivered. The heaters are also used to warm up or harden materials, e.g. in paint shops. For damp places we recommend the HWP heaters.

HWP2 – Infrared Heaters
These weatherproof heaters (protection type IP55) are ideally suited to outdoor areas. They deliver their full output instantly when energized and additionally provide a pleasant lighting.

Connection to 230 V~ ( with power > 3000 W re-wiring to 400 V 3 N ~possible )
Order No. Power
Protection Color Height mm Width mm Depth mm Weight kg
HA-1500 N 1500 IP22 ivory 275 430 140 3,8
HA-2000 N 2000 IP22 ivory 275 430 140 3,8
HA-3000 N 3000 IP22 ivory 430 430 140 5,5
HA-4500 N 4500 IP22 ivory 590 430 140 6,5
HA-6000 N 6000 IP22 ivory 590 430 140 6,5
HWP2-W 1500 IP55 white 120 480 120 1,7
HWP2-2B 2000 IP55 black 120 480 120 1,7
HWP2-3B 3000 IP55 black 120 960 120 3,2
HWP2-3W 3000 IP55 white 120 960 120 3,2
HWP2-45B 4500 IP55 black 120 1440 120 6,4

* case also available in black and silver
Suitable accessories: Dimmer,movement sensors

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