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RiRo – fa

for rooms with fire risk – automatic

The heater RiRo-fa is identical with type RiRo-f, but additionally heat transfer can be controlled steplessly by our built-in thermostat. According to your needs the heater will keep the room frostprotected or the temperature will be kept constant at your choice
between + 5°C and + 30°C.

Applicable for rooms with risk of fire.

max 115°C Height 170mm Width 130mm Diameter Ø 110mm  Prot. mode IP66/IP 67
Power W at 230 V ~ Length mm Weight kg Order No.
120 440 3,1 fa 120 E
600 1040 7,5 fa 600 E
935 1440 10,6 fa 935 E
1200 1840 13,7 fa 1200 E

High grade stainless steel type 1.4512. Also available: Type 1.4571.

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